Create Your Own Metamorphosis

Mariposa is so much more than just your typical Online Fashion and Beauty Store. As a Black Female Owned and Operated Business created from the ground up by a dynamic Mother/Daughter duo, they recognize fashion as an art of expression – enabling women the freedom to be who and what they want to be anytime.

Their beautiful fashion, jewelry, and bag collections are all hand picked, stylish, sophisticated, quality crafted & affordable. The Mariposa research team continuously studies fashion trends, creating a catalog of up to date luxurious and elegant apparel.

A note from the Owners-
Metamorphosis is limitless with multiple births that transform us into strong complex and infectious women who are continuously evolving – becoming greater and more impactful each birth. At Mariposa Fashion & Beauty, we hope to create a new online shopping culture that inspires change, transformation, social consciousness, & limitless self-expression!