Black Owned Businesses











1. Check out We Buy Black, the largest online marketplace for Black-owned businesses that supports the #BuyBlack Movement. You can shop and learn how you can support Black-owned businesses. You can also advertise your business and reach more than 1 million shoppers.

2. Download the Official Black Wall Street app and find thousands of Black-owned businesses at your fingertips. The app is the largest one helping Black-owned businesses thrive with more than 450,000 consumers shopping and spreading awareness. With the app, you can find Black-owned businesses in your neighborhood.

3. When the #BankBlack Movement was sparked in 2016, Blackout Coalition was launched to provide information on Black banks and credit unions. You can find one nearest you, or bank online from anywhere in the U.S. with BankBlack.

4. One of the biggest purchases and ways to accumulate wealth is to buy a home. Why not use a Black real estate agent? The National Association of Real Estate Brokers Inc. (NAREB) was founded in Tampa, Florida, in 1947 as an equal opportunity and civil rights advocacy organization for African American real estate professionals, consumers, and communities in America. Local chapters can refer you to Black real estate professionals to meet your needs.

5. Although COVID has limited travel, if you need to travel, find a Black-owned hotel through the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers or NABHOOD. These Black-owned hotels include luxury franchise hotels such as the Westin and Hyatt Regency and bed and breakfast hotels that are listed in a directory by state.

6. Many cities have a Black Chamber of Commerce with Black-owned businesses as members. Check out the U.S. Black Chambers, the national voice for Black business, and its directory of Black Chambers for the Chamber in your city.

7. Last, but most importantly, there’s the “granddaddy” of Black-owned businesses, Black Enterprise. Founded in 1970 by the late Earl Graves Sr., Black Enterprise provides an annual listing of the largest Black-owned businesses along with advice and information that inspires the entire industry.

This was originally published by OneUnited Bank.